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Don’t Let Your Tax Problem Escalate. An Experienced, Affordable CPA + Tax Attorney Is Here.

Some individuals or businesses that find themselves facing a tax audit, lien or any other adverse action from a tax authority feel overwhelmed and unsure and simply ignore the issue. However, left unchecked, heavy penalties, interest or even criminal charges could arise.

Addressing such matters, with the help of an experienced tax attorney, can mitigate these issues and provide peace of mind.

Advocacy And Relief You Need

Attorney and certified public accountant (CPA) Jayson M. Aquino has extensive experience helping those in Orange County and Huntington Beach with tax controversies. With 10+ years of experience, there are few tax matters he hasn’t resolved.

What Type Of Tax Controversy Are You Facing?

Whether you need assistance with the IRS, the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) or another taxing authority, Jayson understands the rules and procedures. Jayson often helps taxpayers resolve the following matters:

  • Audits: Occasionally, even those who do everything right face audits, but you still want a professional to guide you through the process. Jayson can also assist you with an appeal or represent you in Tax Court.
  • Unpaid back taxes: Many tax problems stem from unpaid taxes. Jayson can help you figure out the best way to resolve this debt.
  • Wage garnishment: If you have unpaid taxes, the IRS or FTB may garnish your wages without your permission.
  • Liens: Unpaid taxes often result in a lien against real or personal property. Such liens can affect your credit, interfere with your ability to secure loans and prevent you from selling or transferring your property.
  • Fraud charges: Criminal allegations of tax fraud are serious, and you need a strong advocate fighting for your rights as soon as possible.
  • Levies: If you receive a levy notice from the FTB or the IRS, you should contact Jayson right away, as they plan to seize your property, including bank funds.

Competitive, Affordable Fees

Jayson understands that individuals fear the cost of getting a lawyer to help with their tax services. Some turn to high-profile entities found on billboards or TV ads. However, Jayson takes pride in offering personalized guidance for your needs – and affordable rates.

Start On A Path To Peace Of Mind Today

Contact Jayson to schedule an appointment to talk about your issue, possible recourse options and the best way to obtaining peace of mind.

Contact Jayson’s office in Garden Grove to schedule your free initial consultation. Call 714-589-2121 or send a confidential email. Videoconferencing is available.