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Helping Individuals And Businesses With California Tax Compliance

Many individuals and businesses try their best at complying with the countless state and federal tax rules. But, the complex nature of these laws can make compliance difficult. Rather than forging ahead with fingers crossed, consider consulting with a tax professional who can offer guidance about laws as they pertain to your specific circumstances.

Tax Attorney, CPA, Offering One-On-One Affordable Advice

Attorney and certified public accountant (CPA) Jayson M. Aquino has both the legal knowledge and the accounting background to give you confidence that your tax matters are in the right hands.  Jayson has 10+ years of experience helping those in Huntington Beach and throughout Orange County with state and federal tax compliance.

He takes pride in offering more personalized, services than large, well-known tax services. His rates are also very affordable and competitive.

A Tax Partner For Your Business

Business owners are able to handle many aspects of their day-to-day operations, but not all. When it comes to tax compliance, getting a professional with expertise in this area is vital for peace of mind. Jayson has the skill and experience to assist with compliance matters as well as general accounting and bookkeeping services.

If you have a specific question, issue or inquiry, Jayson is ready to partner with you and offer advice as it pertains to your circumstances.

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Learn more about Jayson and how he can help with tax compliance for your business. Schedule a free initial consultation today at the Garden Grove office.

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