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How Pricing Works at the Tax Law Office of Jayson M. Aquino

At the Tax Law Office of Jayson M. Aquino, we pride ourselves on being cost-effective and efficient for our clients to solve their tax issues. If you are having second thoughts on having legal representation because our fees might be expensive, we would like to reassure you that we are worth every dollar since your case will be handled by the principal attorney who has a solid track record in saving his clients million of dollars in tax debt.

We are flexible to work with any client who has some cash flow challenges. Payment plans are available.

Our clients can call our office for an initial case assessment and to set-up an appointment. To avail of our FREE 15-minute consultation with the principal attorney, it should be in-person at the Garden Grove office. But in excess of 15-minutes, the charge will be $250/hour but will be credited back to you once you retain our firm.